What is Terrorism?

Terrorism can be defined as the act of terror itself, to instill fear. Whether it is fear in the governments, certain countries, or just civilians the act of terrorism is violence against people to achieve a goal. Terrorism isn’t just a group of people having guns and shooting at officials. It includes acts such as: bombings, suicide attacks, aircraft attacks, vehicular attacks, cyberterrorism and many more. There are many definitions and interpretations based on what the meaning is for certain people but, the main idea that people have in mind is the act of cruelty that is caused by personal motives. In order to fully understand what terrorism is we need to learn the five different types of terrorism according to Eastern Kentucky University. The five deferent types are: “state-sponsored terrorism, dissent terrorism, terrorists and the left and right, religious terrorism, and criminal terrorism.” The video below talks about terrorism in more detail.

All of these terrorism acts effect much more than just the government but it hurts those who were used as bait. Just imagine having to go through something so tragic as this. For example, being used as a suicide bomber or being held hostage for a significant amount of time and it is out of your control. The tactic of being a suicide bomber is mainly used as a demonstration as to what could happen and sends a warning signal to the other party involved. Can you imagine the pain and psychological effect it has on the victim? The worst part is, is that this is a real-life situation and it is not something we see in movies or television shows that is fake. These tactics are real and cause not just physical pain but emotional and mental pain on someone for the rest of their lives.