Terrorism, just the word itself brings fear and concern into the hearts and minds of countless people, but why is it important to understand this horrific action? Who is at risk? How can those affected move on? These are questions many of us face. As terrorism continues to be a segment on the news channel, we hear about it more and more. The shootings, bombings, forced suicides, buses driving through people on the street, and many more terrorizing acts like these that make us feel that we live in an unsafe world. It is hard to believe that someone or a group of people are so twisted that they choose to steal people of young and old ages, strapped them into a suicide bomb, and tell them to kill people around them and themselves for no good reason. Whether their reasoning is caused by injustice, unfair governments, religious reasons, or a form of blackmail. Whatever the terrorists reason may be, their actions cause mental, emotional, physical, and maybe even religious distress amongst those who were hurt by their doing. Anxiety and PTSD has rapidly grown throughout the terrorizing acts that have happened over the past couple years and so many victims and their families now have to deal with the consequences. Some families lost their children, some children lost their parents, and some lose themselves after going through that experience. PTSD and anxiety is not easy to conquer and even with the help of therapists, medications, and more treatments for mental health, the victim still lives with that pain everyday. Terrorism is not a joke nor should it be treated like one. Threats have to stop being made, bombings should stop, school shootings need to come to an end. Terrorism is and continues to instill fear all over the world especially with the countries that have to, sadly, face it the most.